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QuickTrick – Who we are and what we do to support you!

QuickTrick – Who we are and what we do to support you!


Did you know QuickTrick products started in a garage when Gary, aka Mr. QuickTrick, needed a way to adjust alignment on a weekend racer? (Chump Car & Lemons!)

That’s right, the American Dream, kind of.

Gary raced regional NASCAR, before the dead sea was sick (so he jokes).


In 2008, Gary’s mother was diagnosed with dementia.  So, he did what few of us would do.  He retired early to take care of her and ensure her final time would be in the comfort of her home surrounded by loved ones.  It speaks to the commitment that she was with us until January 2018.

Anyway, from the first until now, one of our leading goals has been to support and give back to the automotive enthusiasts.

To date, QuickTrick has provided product, support and charitable contributions over $150,000.  That’s a lot for a small business that manages with 6 people and serves both large fleet companies and the everyday enthusiast.

So here’s some 411 on something we do every month and every year…

Check out the FB post below for a chance to win a QuickTrick.  We have been doing this a few years.  You can see the real life winners from 2019 in the post below and take a chance.  If you purchase your QuickTrick in advance and then you win, we refund your cost of purchase.

Thank you for your support.  Without it, we would not be able to support the industry.

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