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Turbo Talk with QuickTrick




We know turbo is playing a greater role across the racing spectrum with everyone from weekend racers to Polaris RZR championships.

So, while you are out there prepping for the season, we will bring you a few tips on how to keep that turbo fit!

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Most performance enthusiasts aren’t familiar with operational aspects and precautions.  The use of turbos has increased 30% since 2017 and while every one is interested in more power, not everyone is interested in precautionary information to make it last.  Turbochargers operate at extremely high speeds ranging from 80,000 – 200,000 rpm.  This kind of rpm generates an extreme amount of heat load internally and that’s on top of the hot exhaust used to spin the turbo.  You have to have a way to control those temps with a steady supply of clean and cool lubricating oil.

As anyone installing knows, you deal with very small clearance areas.  There is not much room for foreign objects to work there way in but a lack of maintenance and/or a cheap filter will add to the risk of turbo failure and possibly endanger you physically.  A turbo fail will definitely be a mood kill to your weekend racing experience.

Make sure you maintain the air filtration AND the air passages with the correct seals.  It is crucial to keep the dirt out of the engine and turbo.

We recommend synthetic oil and make sure you change it regularly.  In addition, make sure you let those fluids warm up before you bust a move.

Make sure you use high pressure hose couplers and check them regularly.

We hope these tips help as a friendly reminder to play it safe when you want the additional power.  Save yourself some bucks and get a longer life to enjoy that extra power.

You can put a turbocharger on most any vehicle, as long as you have the clearance space, but don’t skimp on the important stuff!

Here’s a great article on how a turbocharger works:  HOW IT WORKS

And below are a couple of major Turbo fails..  Crazy!  be safe my friends!





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