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Top 5 Grassroots Weekend Racing Events & Series

Top 5 Weekend Racing Events & Series


Who Wants to Go Racing this year?


Here are a few series you can race with in 2020 with a minimal budget.


Our West Coast favorite is:  Lucky Dog Racing League


Lucky Dog Racing League was born out of the desire to offer competitive yet safe, fun yet affordable, wheel-to-wheel racing without the usual barriers to entry…complex rules and the need to have a trust fund.

Founded by passionate racers Cathy McCause Fuss “Racey Diva #65” and Greg Fuss “The Fussinator #69,” Lucky Dog’s mission is to bring racing “to the people.” The most rewarding part of this adventure is putting a new driver behind the wheel for the first time  – regardless of age or level – for a truly life-changing experience.  And yes, it’s true… they’re recently married after a 16 year engagement because they kept spending all their money on race cars instead of a ceremony (the test drive was over!).  We must also report ‘his and hers’ race cars were present for the festivities, including an altar made out of Les Schwab tires! READ MORE 

You can check out all events and locations HERE


Next up is a mix of Mountain and Mid West with music here and there:  GRIDLIFE


GRIDLIFE was put together by fellow enthusiasts and has grown into some monster events with lots of opportunity.  Their series features Time Attack, Track Day/HDPE, Drift and much more.

The series hosts two festival events in 2020 with the repeat event at GRIDLIFE Midwest at Gingerman Raceway and The Alpine Horizon Festival at Pike’s Peak International Raceway.  You can check out events and series schedules here:  EVENTS

With a little bit of everywhere, World Racing League might be up your alley


Simply put, World Racing League fills the void between pro-level series like WEC, and entry-level “budget” racing. This is a racing organization that welcomes everyone who values the tradition of road racing as a gentleman’s sport – a sport that has generated stories of legendary sportsmanship, feats of skill and innovation, heroism, fierce rivalries, infamous cars and larger-than-life personalities.

With a variety of locations and series, this may be the one closest to you.  You can check out their events and locations HERE

Then there’s Champ Car


That used to be CHUMP Car and was where the idea for the first QuickTrick came about.  We were involved in the Chump car series when we made the first alignment kit.  I had to go to The Way Back Machine for this link, but these were the days when QuickTrick was still made in the home garage for weekend racers at the track.

ChampCar Endurance Series is for people that have always wanted to go road racing without all the hassles, huge rulebook, or obscene expense. All you need is a valid drivers license, some safety gear, and a race car, which you can rent from arrive and drive teams, or build your own car!  You can see the full schedule of events and locations HERE

There’s always Lemons


And last, but not least, is The 24 Hours of Lemons.  This series has an almost cult like following.  It’s definitely racing on a budget with a side of humiliation.  If you can handle the humiliation part, this might be for you.  But, consider yourself forewarned, this is not the place to attend if you are just getting started and have a lot of pride.  This is the series for the humble.  You can view more information and the schedule of locations HERE

Regardless of where you go, don’t skimp on your safety gear.  You can be the best driver on the track, but that makes the person racing in front, back and side the 2nd or worst driver on the track.

If you are going to be competitive, make sure you have your tools handy, including your QuickTrick for on the fly adjustments before the track, at the track and after.  You can check out all the current promotions HERE.  Unadvertised coupons are usually found on the specific kit page or combination kits.  Make sure you look for any promotions running or just email and ask HERE

Have fun!!!

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