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Three Genius ways to increase auto shop revenue – From Independent Auto Shop Experts

3 Genius ways to increase revenue at your shop! From our community experts


We have quite a few automotive shops who are using QuickTrick to increase revenue and we know times can be tough for any independent owner.

So, we figured a post on how to increase profit margin in auto repair would be of benefit to all.

1. Start a #subscription maintenance plan/membership

From Brett Hardison – Reading, PA

Regular maintenance and occasional repairs happen to everyone. Our shop decided to cash in on the needs of our customers before they have crisis mode. We shared the idea on Facebook and made a little inexpensive flyer to hand out and leave in the waiting area. (Trade secret, we put some stuff in the bathroom too cause we know guys like to read in there)

Flyers are simple. A couple of pictures of flat tires and breakdowns with a message saying sign up for 9.99 a month or 99 for the year and get routine maintenance and check ups with free oil and fluid changes once a year. I figured I could keep up with it myself, but after 3 months we signed up for a membership software on the interwebs because we had over 150 members. It’s great extra cash and believe it or not, about 80% of members call us for everything.


2. Shop partnerships/alliances

From Andy Sheppard, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

We got our first QuickTrick in 2013 so we could keep alignments in house instead of sending people away and losing money. We definitely increased our profits but we had instances where we had to prove something to the insurance company and didn’t have a print out. (This was before you guys had the upgraded gauges we could buy). No way was I going to pay for a big machine and we didn’t have room anyway. So, we had to get crafty. After doing a little research, we found a guy one block over from our shop who did nothing but fleet alignment and I called and asked to take him to lunch. He admitted later he thought I was crazy but he liked to eat, so he agreed. We had a few bud’s and some pizza and agreed I would send him anyone out of alignment for him to do the printout for the adjusters and my shop would handle the rest. Since then we have done a bunch of jobs together, but the bottom line is he made more money, we made more money and he has even borrowed the QuickTrick for his shops dirt track cars.

3. Follow up/Thanks and more

From Mindy Callen, Santa Fe, New Mexico

This was genius for us. About a week after I got my hair done I received a postcard from the salon. I had never been there before, but I am a regular now. It was simple, they sent me a thank you card with a coupon for 20% off my next visit and 25% off cut and color. I was impressed and started thinking on how we could use this at the shop. So I made a little postcard on the laptop and started sending it to every customer from the past 6 months and all the new ones.

Now we have a 85% return rate on customers and have maximized our auto shop revenue. Whether it’s to get something else done or the odd noise and knocks people get, we figure we grew 20% in profits last year just as a result of follow up and a simple discount. I have the cards printed at staples for less than .03 each and we just keep postcard stamps on hand. It gives us something to do in downtime and everyone benefits in the shop. There’s even a contest with magic markers marked in the corner to see who gets the most return customers.

We hope this helps you increase profits in your shop and gives you some fresh ideas.

If you have a winning way to increase your dollars, share with us and we will do some more posts. Include a picture of your shop or whatever else you want and we will share. You can post in the comments or email us at info@quicktrickalignment.com

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