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Why do I need a Wheel Alignment – Top 3 reasons

Why do I need a Wheel Alignment – Top 3 reasons

Why do cars need alignment? Most everyday drivers ask this question, especially when they get new tires. The average person “With new tires, why should there be a problem?”

We answer this question in the simplest form possible.

What causes bad tire alignment?

Why do i need a wheel alignment

How do I know if I have alignment issues?

Manufacturers (OEM), such as Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, etc., spend millions of dollars to ensure every vehicle has a standard scale of alignment specifications for your wheels and tires. Their concern is safety first, performance second. Every OEM publishes a sliding scale of inches and/or degrees for the three measurements of alignment (Caster, Camber and Toe)

Not every vehicle has angles which can be adjusted. Most vehicles manufactured in the 70’s and after have fixed caster angles which do not adjust. The scale is a sliding one due to the sensitivity of digital readings while measuring alignment. It is almost impossible to get the same reading twice with even the most costly precision equipment. Most of the European vehicle manufacturers still have a caster adjustment built into the vehicle.

If you have ever driven a car that is pulling to the side, seems to pull the steering wheel one way or the other or you have tires that will not grip when it rains, then you are familiar with alignment issues. All of these things are signs.

Causing your vehicle to come out of manufacturers specifications can happen in several ways. Hitting a curb, a pothole, riding on rough roads, poor weather conditions and even just simple wear and tear on suspension parts over time. Once your vehicle is out of alignment, getting new tires will not fix the problem. You can put new tires on, and they will wear just like the ones you replaced. Tires do not cause the problem; the components of your suspension do.

So, Why Do You Need Wheel Alignment

There are numerous reasons it is bad news to drive your vehicle when it is out of alignment. Just a few reasons include the cost of tire replacement, fuel is used in excess and safety is jeopardized on any road. Tires are one of the costliest, but necessary items for your car. Wheels/Rims can be even more costly, depending on customization of your vehicle.

Do-It-Yourself Kit

It is almost impossible to avoid needing an alignment during your vehicle’s lifespan, but the best way to avoid the added expense of new tires, unnecessary repairs and/or worn suspension, is to have your alignment checked against your specs periodically and you can always use a QuickTrick system to check yourself.

It is easy to use and will save you time and money in the long run. Anyone can check their own alignment. You just need the manufacturer’s specs (which we will include when asked) and a hard surface like your driveway or garage. Having a QuickTrick in your trunk can save you time and money and you can wow your friends and neighbors by saving them time and money too! Everyone likes to have some control over finances and their time.

Get Your Vehicle’s Alignment Checked at a Shop

If you prefer to get your alignment checked at a shop, make sure you have your specs, so you know the range beforehand. Most shops will check for a fee and provide a printout. You can compare the printout to your specs and know yourself what is needed before approving any repairs. Also, it never hurts to ask them to check twice and provide two printouts. This way you can see if one or the other is in range.

Most automotive shops are trustworthy, but beware, every time a vehicle pulls in the goal is to upsell. That’s not a bad thing, it is just the cost of being in business as an auto repair shop. Many shops employ mechanics who are paid by their time on a job, not hourly. This leaves you, as a customer, vulnerable to the mechanics needs to put food on the table for their family.

Once again, the above statements are not meant as derogatory to any mechanic. If anything, we admire their willingness to do what they do on the payscale they are given. Everyone has to eat! Also, you have got the answer to why do you need alignment

Protect your ride and your vehicle with knowledge. If you have any questions, please reach out. We are happy to help when we can be of assistance.

And remember, when it comes to alignment checks, it is an investment, not a cost

Mrs QuickTrick aka Tess





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