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Garage to Globe – QuickTrick Roots

Garage to Globe

Thank you for being a part of our success!

2011 – …

Proud to Manufacture in the USA

In the beginning

Experience, Inspiration and Opportunity

Gary Gann, CIO (Chief Innovation and Invention Officer) of Alignment Simple Solutions, LLC, grew up in the 60’s and 70’s , with aspirations of owning GTO’s, SS Chevelles and Mustangs.

Tess Winningham-Gann, CEO of Alignment Simple Solutions, LLC spent the first few decades of her career in business development, administration, logistics & marketing.

Gary drove regional NASCAR and then worked with the Allison brothers, Neil Bonnett, and Red Farmer. Combined these men won 112 Grand National races and more championships in every division of NASCAR than you count on both your hands and they did it with cars built in their own backyards.  They all raced on shoestring budgets at one time or another and made due with simple tools that had accurate results.  Racing and speed was in Gary’s blood but unfortunately, the budget was not there.  Therefore, he gave up the dream and settled into adulthood, building countless street rods and cars.

After retiring early to care for his mother, Gary joined a team of weekend racers in the Chump Car league and developed a tool manufactured as an economical way to check camber, caster and toe and adjust according to the various road courses they have the opportunity to compete on.  Despite the economy, it turned out, the world was waiting for just such a tool and the QuickTrick was born.  Gary and Tess decided to test the waters, both domestic and global and found a market and a need.  Alignment Simple Solutions was created to provide the business model behind the QuickTrick™ Alignment system.

Due to the shared care of Gary’s mother and another elderly relative, the business shop and manufacturing was created in the 2 car garage.  The tools and workshop were configured into a horseshoe type design to allow for room in the middle and plenty of storage areas for the smaller parts and washers.  Each tool was handcrafted and powder coated in our own kitchen stove using components purchased in the USA.

The Powder Coating requires a cooking process which was completed in our standard kitchen oven for 2 years prior to the purchase of the full size powder coat oven in late 2012.  The company has always offered a full warranty on craftsmanship and requested feedback from our consumers.

The QuickTrick tools have evolved and we are now in our 3rd facility with over 5,000 square feet.  We no longer powder coat due to the upgrade to aluminum products.  QuickTrick’s are used across industry and around the globe in over 100 country’s.  Our tools are used by large commercial and military fleets, automotive shops, OEM’s, professional mechanics and, mostly, by our fellow builders and grassroots racers.

It just goes to show that when you do the right thing, opportunity will come your way in whatever form it is meant to happen.  We lost Gary’s mother in early 2018, but she is still a daily inspiration for us and without her, none of this would have happened.  She also taught us to pay it forward.  To date, the company has gifted and sponsored over $100,000 in charity, sponsorship and equipment.

Thanks for letting us share our story and we’ll see you at the track or the car show!

Gary and Tess

Mr. & Mrs. QuickTrick®

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