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Hellaflush – The Good, the Bad, The Ugly? Definitions & Tips


What is Hellaflush?

Well.. it is definitely NOT a super powered toilet, but it is the new definition of what I remember as the lowrider.. and yet more than that!

Hellaflush is the newest trend with your tires as close to the fenderwell as possible.

If you are dreaming of the ultimate attitude – more width, unique colors, intense design and the utmost individualism in wheels and tires.. well, then you may be dreaming of Hellaflush!

We won’t pretend to be experts on this new found flush, but we have picked up a few tips to help you achieve this new trend with minimal risk and maximum unique flavor.. First and foremost “Every MODIFICATION, comes with RISK”.  Your vehicle specifications are put in place for maximum performance with safety in mind.

There is an inherent thrill to defying the mainstream and taking calculated risks (nuff’ said)

1       Be aware of the variation in weight distribution.  Do your research and make sure you have your bases covered.

2       Look to utilize 16” wheels or less.  This may help you avoid any issues with rubbing and it will look much better.

3       Look into how your body roll, grip and bumpsteer are affected.  Make sure you are prepared to handle the different feel when taking corners and account for those changes in your ride.

4       This is a good site for researching tire stretch – www.tyrestretch.com

There are several ways to address some of the impacts that Hellaflush and lowride adjustments will have on your ride.  There are plenty of bumpsteer and roll center adjusters available on the market.  Some increased spring setups, sturdy antisway bars high quality dampers, etc. can help keep your innards off the road and keep your oil pan intact.  Always consider the wider wheel to offset some of the suspension issues.

You can get the look you want with minimal risk as long as you do your research to ensure a better suspension and the best steering set up.

Take your time, get the look you want and more than anything be safe on those corners and dips!

No matter what adjustment or modification you have going, (shameless plug) a classic or pro QuickTrick™ Alignment Product with a 4-6 week maintenance plan, can assist you to make sure your measurements are consistent and you know immediately when they are not.. BEFORE you have tire wear issues.

Next week we will review TPMS sensors and checking the functionality.

Good luck with your dream ride!

Mr QuickTrick™

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