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Track Width – What is it? How to measure Track Width

Track Width ~ Top 3 Things to Know

Track Width or Wheel Track

Is the distance between the centerline of two wheels on the same axle.  Despite their distinct definitions, axle track, wheel track and track width are frequently used interchangeably, normally to refer to the distance between the centerline of the wheels. For a vehicle with two axles, the measurements can be expressed as front track and rear track.

Track Width for Offset Wheels

In vehicles with offset wheels, wheel track is distinct from axle track because the centerline of the wheel is not flush with the hub flange.  If wheels of a different offset are fitted, the wheel track changes but the axle track does not.

Measuring track width is helpful

to determine if a vehicle has proper thrust angle, will fit on a car trailer, flat bed wrecker truck, or a hydraulic car lift.  For our purposes, track width is crucial in squaring the vehicle.  Knowing the track width will eliminate hours of frustration and simplify the process.

How to Measure Track Width

Check your owners manual.

If you don’t have one, check the links below.   It is much better to get accurate specs than trying to measure by tire tread from side to side.

You may be able to find yours quickly at the links below:

link 1

link 2 – VIN required

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