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How to String and Square your vehicle – 4 Wheel Alignment

How to String and square your vehicle


This is one of the most common questions we receive.   Some people will say it’s easy and some feel it’s a pain in the **s.  We have a few quick tips for you and a couple of great video demo’s.  The first demo is with the new QuickTrick 5th GEN QuickString and is demonstrated by Mike at Fast Monty’s Garage on his GTO.  The 2nd demo is by Jeff Ford, from Auto Resto Mod, on his classic Mustang.  Jeff is using a QuickTrick 3rd Gen System, while stringing the car.  The new 5th GEN QuickString allows you to string without the hassle of an added set up.

Mike will demo how to easily compensate for offset tires and/or a varied track width in his video below. (Coming Saturday)

You can find additional information on track width at the link below.

Check out Track Width Information here

The easiest way – 5th Gen QuickString PREMIERES AT 8 AM est Jan. 28

If using any system prior to the 5th GEN or performing an alignment without our equipment:

Your frame has to be undamaged for any true measurement and alignment.  So, if your frame is bent, stop here and get her straight before anything else.

The purpose is to square the rear end with the front.

Your right side tires will carry the brunt of the force, so we typically start with the right side.

You can use any stable items on the right front and right rear to start.  We use to use jackstands.  When placing your string (Any string will do and even fish line) aim to have it as close to the bottom of your tire as possible. This is the part that touches the road, so it is best to make sure you square and measure toe from here.  This will prevent any extreme camber from interfering with your string line up.

Line up your right side tires

Measure your right rear frame distance to the string

Measure your right front frame to the string (ensure you have equal distance between the string and frame)  Keep it close, but not too close.  5-6″ is a good base.

If your string is parallel to the frame, your front and rear sidewalls of the tire should be parallel as well.

Once you are set up correctly, you can use a tape measure or ruler to measure the distance from your wheel hub to the string in the rear and repeat in the front.

If you are fraction off, you should be good to go.  Now repeat on the left.

Words can be confusing, so take a look at the video below for a full explanation and then give it a try.  If you need some help or have any questions, just give us a call at 205-475-2419 or hit the chat button on your screen.  It is us, not a 3rd party.  

Starts at Stringing the car: 3rd GEN QuickTrick

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