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Do You Need to Align a Golf Cart? Yes, you do!

By: Christian Attlesey – Golfcartstuff.com

Do You Need to Align a Golf Cart? Yes, you do!

Although golf carts are considered “low-speed vehicles,” they can face the same wear and tear difficulties as other vehicles. Misalignment can be even more common if you use your golf cart on non-paved surfaces such as golf courses or off-road trails with various bumps and uneven terrain. Even if you use your golf cart on roads or other paved surfaces, with enough use, a golf cart can have its share of alignment issues. This brief article will discuss common signs of alignment issues for golf carts and crucial times when you should check your golf cart’s alignment.

Signs your golf cart needs to be aligned

Uneven Tire Wear

One of the first signs of a misaligned golf cart will be excessive or uneven tire wear. If you recently replaced your golf cart’s tires and are already losing tread, that is a sign that your golf cart needs to be correctly aligned. This is especially true if the wear on the tires is predominantly on the front two tires. Although it may be quick to conclude that you got a bad set of tries, improper alignment is usually the culprit.


Your Golf Cart Pulls To One Side Or Another

Precisely like your car, a golf cart that pulls to the left or right clearly indicates misalignment. To test whether your golf cart pulls in one direction or another, find a flat road or even surface and take your golf cart up to its top speed (or close to it). While at full speed, loosen your grip on your steering wheel (but don’t completely remove your hands for safety). If you notice that the golf cart pulls heavily in one direction, you can be sure you need to get your golf cart aligned. It is important to note that a slight pull can be very common as most roads will have some small degree of crowning, making your cart have a little pull. A slight pull is no issue, but an excessive draw or using one hand more than the other to keep your golf cart straight is a problem.

Bumpy Ride

Another sign of an improperly aligned golf cart is a bumpy or uncomfortable ride, especially at higher speeds. Most golf carts will travel at speeds between 10-15mph, but with each passing year, golf carts can travel at faster and faster speeds. It is now common to find golf carts that travel at speeds from 20 up to 30mph. Any alignment issues will undoubtedly be exacerbated at those excessive speeds, and you will notice a difference in ride quality. As a result, if you have checked that your golf cart’s wheels and tires are properly seated and inflated and are not out of round and you are still having ride issues, the alignment may be the issue.

Rubbing On Your Wheel

Although this issue is rarely due to a misaligned cart, rubbing on your wheel well, especially during sharp turns or when traveling over bumps, can sometimes indicate an alignment issue with your cart. This can be a clue if you consistently notice rubbing issues on only one side of the cart. When it comes to rubbing problems, the first thing to check will always be your cart’s shocks and suspension. If those parts are worn or are not functioning as they used to, that is the first place to start. However, suppose your shocks and suspension are in good shape and are not sagging, and the issue still occurs. In that case, it is worth checking if your golf cart’s alignment is off, especially the camber.

Other Times To Get Your Golf Cart Aligned

After You Install A Golf Cart Lift Kit

Lift kits are a prevalent aftermarket part of golf carts. A lift kit is likely required if you want to add some off-road or all-terrain golf cart tires. After you install a lift kit is necessary time to check the alignment of your cart. Most golf cart lift kits will have places for you to adjust the toe and camber of your cart.

After You Replace Your Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Another crucial time to check your golf cart’s alignment is

after installing a new set of wheels and tires. This need to check the alignment is increasingly important if you drastically change your golf cart’s tire tread and the overall height of your wheel and tire combo. Going from a wheel and tire combo with 18″ in overall size to a combo that maxes out at 23″ or vice versa will change how your cart drives and performs and exacerbate any underlying issues. 

Although they may travel slower than your car or ATV, golf carts are still expensive equipment that needs proper care and maintenance for proper functioning. If you want to keep your golf cart running smoothly, make sure you regularly check and adjust your cart’s alignment. If you want to ensure your alignment is correct, look no further than the golf cart alignment tool by QuickTrick™ 

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