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Meet the Family – A QuickTrick Series – About us


Alignment Simple Solutions and QuickTrick Products started as a home hobby with the first QuickTrick® being invented for use for Chump Car races. We needed a tool to adjust the race car alignment for each track and for all three angles of caster, camber & toe.

The business was formed in 2012 after the demand became evident and we won a few awards.

There’s a longish story behind the start of the business, but let’s just say we were blessed.  Our story is the American Dream and Reality story.

Our commitment was to always provide quality, accurate, alignment options.  We were unable to find a complete solution for our race car and then ran into the same thing for our restoration needs.  There are a lot of great shops out there that can provide specific settings, but they are hard to find and trust is something easily lost.

IN short, when we went from hobby to business, we had a few requirements for the future of the business.

  1. Quality tools with options for any persons goals and budget.
  2. Innovation to constantly improve and create new peoducts as needed.
  3. To manufacture in house, in the USA, on everything we possibly could.
  4. And to always give back to our enthusiast community.

The last has always been the most rewarding and what has kept us going through some difficult times.

Gary (Mr QuickTrick) was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in September of 2019.  He never missed a day in the office even through the worst part of treatment.  QuickTrick Family kept him going.  He hs now been stable without treatment sinc May of 2021.

Tess (Me, Mrs QuickTrick) has a mild heart attack in August of 2020 and was diagnosed with triple vessel disease.  I can’t say I did not miss work, I missed quite a bit after a triple bypass.  But all is good and the heart is healthier than before the heart attack.

Gary’s background has always been in everything driveable.  From NASCAR to body shop and restoration, he has done it!

Tess has an extensive background in all things logistics, finance and sales.  After being a Military dependent, wife and mother, she had an opportunity to work in a variety of careers that have served well for the front end of our business.

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The most important thing to us is the ability to pay the blessings forward.  We are forever grateful for the opportunities the business has provided and all of the wonderful people we have met over the years.

Here’s a personal note from Mr. QuickTrick

We want to thank you for taking some time to learn more about us.  Please support the others in the series and if you would like to be interviewed and featured, just reach out to me directly at tess@quicktrickalignment.com

QuickTrick Products are now in use in over 100 Country’s and by professionals and amateurs.  We are proud to support your alignment goals as well as the US Military, Pepsico, NYC MTA, National Park Service, Powersports dealerships, Award winning custom shops, Racing Shops, Even some custom alignment kits for Fighter Jets and many, many more!

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