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Drifting 101 – An Interview with The Hansen’s

Meet the Hansen’s

Interview by Tess aka Mrs QuickTrick

Rudy & Chellee, thanks for taking the time to share with us.  We are proud to support your team and watch your success.  You have an interesting story and great things to share with anyone getting started.  Let’s get into it!

How did you meet each other and when did you start drifting?

Chellee: We met on the chairlift at Grand Targhee Ski Resort. Then kept running into one another skiing and became friends. Years later after we were married, we were at SEMA watching Rudy’s dad road race when we saw smoke and heard the sounds of our type of people… burning rubber! After investigating, Rudy got a ride in a Pro-Am car and a week later he was modifying a C4 to drift. We used Facebook to find the community and events nearby in Salt Lake City, Twin Falls, ID and beyond.

What has been your biggest challenge as a couple and how did you get through? (personal or professional or both)

Chellee: I was diagnosed with Stage 2 metastatic breast cancer three months after their wedding. Rudy is a superhuman who worked double time to cover bills and took care of me like the badass human he is. He would get me outside skiing and biking and kept my spirits up to fight the hardest battle of my life. Treatments made it hard for me to continue pushing in my current sports after breaking my leg from bone weakness from radiation. Discovering drifting, it gave us the level of adrenaline we craved without the abuse on the body.

Rudy: Keeping multiple cars running while maintaining my construction company and family life has been a challenge for me. On top of learning how build a successful race program with sponsorship and crew members.

Does living in Idaho present travel challenges for events? How do you make that work?

Chellee: Yes and no. Being centrally located does make it easier to go any direction however we do have to drive a fair amount to make it to any event. We don’t have a track in our town. The closest track to us is Utah Motorsports Campus which is a three-hour drive.

Rudy: We do miss some single day driving events and being able to meet up with our sponsors at their facility or special social events in a drifting hub like California.

Do you have another job, outside of your hobbies? What is your other job?

Rudy: I own a construction company that specializes in Kitchen and bathroom remodels for 16 years now. 

Chellee is a fine art watercolor artist who sells her artwork across the west. We also own some rentals in town.



How do you get sponsors for support and what challenges have you faced in getting sponsors?

Chellee: We naturally share our favorite products we like to use for drifting, so we enjoy building relationships with the companies we have already been buying products from. Being the only professional drifters out of Idaho, we are the trusted source for the grassroots community to reach out to for advice on car builds and products. Since we do not have a large social following, that has been our downfall for showing the analytics companies need for confidence in providing additional support beyond product. Living in Idaho doesn’t help in a sense that we are not in the hub of where the companies are located making it hard to build personal relationships with them. We go to events like SEMA and PRI to meet the companies in person to see if we are a good fit to help one another.

Why drifting and not other racing series?

Rudy: I like making a car do something nobody else can do. It’s like freestyle skiing or snowboarding, you can express your style in the way you look and drive.

What do each of you feel is your favorite thing about drifting?

Rudy: Running the fucking wall at 90+ mph as close as possible!

Chellee: The level of adrenaline I can get without the hematomas! Also making memories and connections with so many rad people.

Which of you manages what as part of your team? (Social media, family, car maintenance, etc.)

Chellee: Rudy maintains the rigs and orders all the parts and products. He does all the car builds and is the crew chief of our race program. He manages all the tires from ordering to mounting for every event. He runs his construction company and race program daily.

I am the team manager, so I handle all the office type work for our program, our socials and I also help build the cars and maintain them. I manage all the merchandise at events and our online store and website. I cook and handle the food and take care of the team. Flights, hotels, and schedules etc. I handle the home life with kids and family vacations as well as our rentals and my art business. I also drive the rig most of the time for FD events while Rudy flies.

We both stick to what we are good at and help one another. We find this is the most efficient way to get it all done. I really like to be able to fix my car, so Rudy has been patient in teaching me and letting me work on my own car in return he helps me with the house chores.

What are the benefits and challenges of both being in this sport?

Rudy: We never fight about money and where it is spent since we are in this together. I get to make a ton of memories with my best friend and watch her kick all the boy’s butts on the track and harass them about it. It can be hard with all the stress from traveling, wrecking the cars and making enough money to pay for all of this but it is part of racing.

Give us a great tip for anyone who wants to get started in Drifting…

Chellee: Would you go to the rodeo on an untrained horse and expect to do well and have fun? Drifting is similar in a sense that car set up is the most important thing you can do before wasting money and time to go drifting. There are guys like our suspension tuner, Cat Daddy Tuning who can help you set up any level of car you like and help save you a ton of money in tire wear and time figuring it out yourself. An easy car to drive makes for a fun successful day of drifting.

Rudy: Ride with as many drivers as possible and ask them about their cars. This will help guide you into the best set up for you.

How about a lesson you learned the hard way that others may be able to avoid?

Chellee: I wish I would have spent time driving a bank on the simulator before doing it in real life. I wrecked really bad not knowing how to drive out of a rear wall tap on a steep bank. Once I practiced on the sim, it came naturally and my fast reflexes saved me the second time I tapped the wall hard.

Rudy: For me was building my first ProSpec car with little to no testing and not knowing much about suspension set up. My car didn’t drive right my first year and it was super frustrating when hemorrhaging money in Formula Drift. Once Cat Daddy Suspension Tuning came into my life and helped me, it has been a game changer for our program. I build homes for a living so building is something I can do. If you don’t have much experience in building, I would recommend buying a proven car or getting one built by a proven builder.

Anything else you would like to share?

Rudy: If you feel in your heart you want to be a pro driver, don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t do it. Tunnel vision!

Chellee: The drift community is super welcoming to women. It is a great Motorsport community to get into and so many guys are willing to help you with anything anytime. If Rudy is busy on his car, I have always found people to help me with my car when I don’t know what to do.

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Tess/Mrs QuickTrick:

I feel that Chellee and Rudy are being modest here about what we can do to help the team. Soooo, lets support their social channels with follows and comments (links below) to help them grow and get more financial sponsors. If you are in Idaho, check out Rudy’s business. He has a great business reputation. If you need work done than why not support a fellow enthusiast and get quality work done on your home or business?



Rudy:  @rudyhansen119

Chellee:  @chelleehansen

Tik Tok: team.hansen.drifting

Rudy’s Business: ARA Construction Custom Kitchen and Bath https://www.remodelingpocatello.com/

Team Hansen Partner’s Page:  https://www.thdrifting.com/partners

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