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A Proud Moment for QuickTrick Products and Mr. QuickTrick
April 19, 2022

QuickTrick® Alignment brings their story full circle with sponsorship of JJ Yeley and MBM   From NASCAR Racer to Inventor to Mr. QuickTrick   TAMPA, FL, USA, April 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Necessity is the Mother of invention and that saying couldn’t be more fitting than for Alignment Simple Solutions, inventors of QuickTrick® portable wheel…

Proud supporter of Team Sally Racing
March 28, 2022

We are incredibly proud to support Team Sally Racing and all of our fellow enthusiasts.  Follow Sally to watch her incredible journey! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | View as Webpage Sally McNulty Sets Big Goals for 2022 TC America Race Season PHOENIX, Ariz., (March 28, 2022) – A new season for the TC America powered by…

Hellaflush – The Good, the Bad, The Ugly?  Definitions & Tips
Hellaflush – The Good, the Bad, The Ugly? Definitions & Tips
February 3, 2022

  What is Hellaflush? Well.. it is definitely NOT a super powered toilet, but it is the new definition of what I remember as the lowrider.. and yet more than that! Hellaflush is the newest trend with your tires as close to the fenderwell as possible. If you are dreaming of the ultimate attitude –…

Hellaflush? Provocative, Aggressive, Modified for Performance – the Negative the Positive (Pun Intended)
January 27, 2022

Hellaflush? What is sweeter than a provocative set of wheels on an aggressively modified car or truck?  So what’s the buzz on Hellaflush? The fashion statement comes right from the custom shops and motor sports world and can make your ride stand out as unique while improving performance. So, what are the negatives? And what…

Lifted or Lowered? What’s Your Stance?
January 16, 2022

 Stance Lifted or Lowered Part II – Bippu, Hellaflush & More Why would someone want to lower their car? Handling Looks Tired of people hiding under there Let’s take a closer look at better handling.  To understand handling it is important to grasp the concept of “center of gravity”.  If you lower the center of…

Survey – Holiday Sale – Coupon Code
December 16, 2021

Happy Holidays!   Thanks to all of you who have made this a great year. We made it a priority to have enough inventory on hand to NOT have to go into a backorder status during this insane supply chain crisis of 2021. Kudos to every Made in the USA business who has survived the…

What happened to apprenticeships?
What happened to apprenticeships?
February 26, 2020

______________________________________________   Apprenticeship!    We hear this constantly in our industry.  The aftermarket community is desperate for talent in hotrod shops, automotive shops, welding, fabricating and on and on!  I recently heard a podcast about how Germany is the leader in these types of programs and their manufacturing sector is almost twice the size of…

Top 5 Grassroots Weekend Racing Events & Series
February 17, 2020

Top 5 Weekend Racing Events & Series   Who Wants to Go Racing this year?   Here are a few series you can race with in 2020 with a minimal budget.   Our West Coast favorite is:  Lucky Dog Racing League   Lucky Dog Racing League was born out of the desire to offer competitive…

Top 5 – Shop Talk – Maximizing Fluid Profits
January 29, 2020

QuickTrick Shop Talk – Profit & Fluids   Liquid Loss or Profits?  Are your fluids fluid?   We all know that vehicle fluids are important, but most shops aren’t  equipped to capitalize on service and profit in this arena.  When you think about the variety of services to offer are you considering every angle? System…

Amateur, Grassroots Racing – Excerpts from QuickTrick Gil’s Journey
September 19, 2019

By Gil Winningham –  QuickTrick Media Manager & Amateur Racer Part 1: In 2016, I started to attend more grassroots motorsports events on behalf of QuickTrick. This started with the GridLife Track Battle series. Though we’ve been running our 2003 Honda Accord with GridLife, and a couple other organizations (NASA, SCCA, FM3). We’re starting anew…