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How does a QuickTrick system work and what does it do?

QuickTrick alignment kits measure alignment angles.  The actual readings come from the digital gauge and tape measures.

A large expensive alignment machine has built in specifications that provide print outs and a digital screen reflecting alignment angles on vehicles within the alignment bay.  QuickTrick systems provide the same service and are equally accurate but utilize the digital gauge and tape measures.

You can measure caster, camber and toe angles with any kit.  The caster and camber angles are within a 10th of a degree and toe is exact.  Using QuickTrick systems takes a little longer than using a full blown shop machinery but you have the advantage of saving dollars (other alignment equipment generally starts at $10,000 used and goes up), and being able to perform an alignment check on any hard surface in any location.  The digital gauge has a zero feature to allow for uneven asphalt, driveways, race tracks and parking lots.

Check out the video demo’s for a full look at how the kits can work for your goals.  VIDEOS


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