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How does the quicktrick system save me money?

According to Cost Helper
The price of just one alignment can range anywhere from $30 to as much as $850, depending on the make and model and who you are dealing with. The average car owner will get an alignment every 10,000 miles or (recommended by some) at least once a year. While we do not recommend you go against your manufacturers recommendations, we do advise that you have the knowledge to know when an alignment is needed.

You will always have that knowledge with the QUICKTRICK alignment system. If the average car life is 5 – 10 years, the QUICKTRICK could potentially save you anywhere from $350 – $8500. Those figures represent just one car. It is difficult to approximate the total value when you consider multiple cars in a household plus family and friends.

Alignment is also directly tied to wear and tear of tires, components and driver exhaustion, not to mention higher gas usage.  Calculate in the savings on those and you are well into hundreds and thousands of dollars of savings.

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