Quick Trick Wheel Alignment Tools

FAQs – Tips & Caster

1. Difference between 4th Gen Pro and 4th Gen Elite Slider

Both systems are equally accurate.  The differences are typically user preference.

There are 2 main differences

  1.  The application used to change wheel/rim sizes for measurement.  The 4th Gen Pro has an insert for wheel sizes every 2 inches.  You unscrew the attachment pin and move to the  correct wheel size location to change.  The 4th Gen Elite Slider is slotted to allow you to loosen the pin and slide to the new location for the change size and adjust.
  2. The 4th Gen Elite Slider comes with 2 digital gauges, one for each side.  The 4th Gen Pro comes with one bracket and gauge you move when you switch to a new rim for measurement.


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2. Correcting Toe Alignment with QuickTrick

Toe Alignment with QuickTrick

How to correct total toe with QuickTrick Alignment Kits

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3. How does a QuickTrick system work and what does it do?

QuickTrick alignment kits measure alignment angles.  The actual readings come from the digital gauge and tape measures.

A Hunter or similar alignment machine has built in specifications that provide print outs and a digital screen reflecting alignment angles on vehicles within the alignment bay.  QuickTrick systems provide the same service but utilize the digital gauge and tape measures.

You can measure caster, camber and toe angles with any kit.  The caster and camber angles are within a 10th of a degree and toe is exact.  Using QuickTrick systems takes a little longer than using a Hunter WinAlign, but you have the advantage of saving dollars (Hunter and other alignment equipment generally starts at $10,000 used and goes up), and being able to perform an alignment check on any hard surface in any location.  The digital gauge has a zero feature to allow for uneven asphalt, driveways, race tracks and parking lots.


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4. Caster, Camber & Toe Illustrated with String Method

 Caster, Camber & Toe Illustrated with String Method

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5. What is the make-up of the system

Our systems are manufactured in house from raw aluminum and cold roll steel.  They are measured, cut, prepped and polished or powder coated in our shop and then squared again and assembled for delivery! We utilize a HAAS CNC TM-1P machine in the shop to add additional accuracy.

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6. How accurate are your gauges?

The digital gauge is accurate to within 1/10th of 1 degree. The toe system is as accurate as you read the tape measure. After checking the alignment on some of our vehicles, we have had them rechecked on various machines (which cost thousands of dollars) and found our gauges to be within 0.003 degrees on camber and 1/64 of an inch on toe.

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7. How long does it take to set up?

Less than 5 minutes. Make sure you use scotch blue to protect your wheels from the sharp edges. All of our systems come with simple and easy to understand instructions and there are plenty of video how to’s on the site.

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8. Do i need special training to check my alignment or adjust it?

NO AND YES! Special training is not needed to check your alignment. If you know the spec’s of your vehicle, checking your alignment can be performed in less than 5 minutes. As far as adjusting your alignment, this differs from one manufacturer to another, but again, we can offer suggestions and tips on any vehicle depending on the outcome you are looking to achieve.

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9. Do alignments have to be performed on a perfectly level surface?

NO, Our QuickTrick Gauge features a calibration button to zero that will level and compensate for any unlevel surface. (With the exception of grass or mudding)

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10. How quickly do you ship?

After payment is received, we will ship within 24 hours of the first business day. Delivery is typically within 3-5 business days.

For delivery outside of the US, expect delivery within 8-14 days, depending on customs at your home Country.

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11. The system looks so simple, does it really work?

YES, Checking your alignment is not rocket science. Alignment is simply angles for caster, camber & toe. Although our system does not look like an $80,000.00 alignment machine, you can achieve the same results in a fraction of the time and cost without going to a shop or taking up all that space if you own a shop.

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12. Can this system be used on both front and rear?

Yes! The QUICKTRICK Systems will work on any front or rear wheel drive vehicle.

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13. How does the quicktrick system save me money?

According to Cost Helper
The price of just one alignment can range anywhere from $30 to as much as $850, depending on the make and model and who you are dealing with. The average car owner will get an alignment every 10,000 miles or (recommended by some) at least once a year. While we do not recommend you go against your manufacturers recommendations, we do advise that you have the knowledge to know when an alignment is needed. You will always have that knowledge with the QUICKTRICK alignment system. If the average car life is 5 – 10 years, the QUICKTRICK could potentially save you anywhere from $350 – $8500. Those figures represent just one car. It is difficult to approximate the total value when you consider multiple cars in a household plus family and friends.

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14. How do I measure caster with QuickTrick?

Caster: Your QuickTrick bracket is on the wheel at 90 degrees for the vertical.

  1. Tires straight ahead
  2. From the driver’s side turn tire 20 degrees to one direction
  3. Zero the gauge
  4. Turn the tire straight and then 20 degrees in the opposite direction
  5. Read the gauge
  6. Multiply your caster reading by 1.5 for 20 degree turns or 2 for 15 degree or use the chart here to get your total caster
  7. Repeat on passenger side
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Quicktrick Wheel Alignment Instructions:  Wheel Alignment Instructions

For additional questions, comments or conversation, please email us at info@quicktrickalignment.com

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