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NEW QuickTrick® QuickString™

NEW QuickTrick® QuickString™

QuickTrick-QuickString-4Wheel Instructions

Checking thrust angle with a variable track width

Attaching your strings through the QuickString frame for a variable track width:

Setup the strings around the car such that the offset from each front/rear wheel pair is the same on each side (ie, if you had 2cm or 2in track width difference, the widest track would be 1cm or 1in more than the other.)

Example:  If your rear track width is 72” and front track width is 70”, then you would start with your string in the front in the slot at 4” and the rear looped on 3” to allow for the wider 1in on each side of the rear.


You may be able to get your track width quickly at the links below:

link 1

link 2 – VIN required

For additional information on track width, check this POST