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ALSS Announces Expansion of QuickTrick™ Wheel Alignment Products to Fleet and Military Industry

pr webAlignment Simple Solutions, the leader in  portable wheel alignment solutions is expanding their
customized QuickTrick fleet systems

Birmingham, AL, June 18, 2016:  Alignment Simple Solutions, the leader in portable wheel alignment solutions is expanding their customized fleet system, developed in partnership with PepsiCo’s Frito Lay fleet operations and Lee County school bus transportation into the Government and NGO sector. QuickTrickTM portable wheel alignment kits are a popular product line among automotive enthusiasts, DIYers and racers.

The innovative product line that will tap the larger market of fleet and transport customers is the latest offering from QuickTrickTM, the flagship brand of the Birmingham, Alabama-based Alignment Simple Solutions (ALSS). “Our larger fleet system, the QuickTrickTM fleet and RV kit, was developed based on a request from our friends at PepsiCo, in the Frito Lay fleet operations,” said Ms Tess Winningham, Alignment Simple Solutions President and CEO, in a press statement. “After several years of improvements, this same system is now used to perform portable wheel alignments on everything from Sprinters to E350’s, Semi Trucks, School & City buses and even a Jet Fighter system.”

ALSS delivered on its largest partnership to date with National Express, a subsidiary of National Express Coaches based in the UK.  National Express USA maintains over 20,000 school buses and has adopted the QuickTrickTM Fleet systems to assist in this process.

“This is our largest customer in the school transportation industry and it just reaffirms the need for our products expansion.  We have also provided solutions for other notable companies such as the New York City MTA, Contractors working on the Alaskan Pipeline and even Military and the Global Missionary Forces,” Ms Winningham explained.

ALSS recently engaged with local municipalities who will utilize QuickTrickTM products on everything from small transport vehicles to Fire Trucks.

“We are proud to manufacture here in Alabama and happy to be growing and providing more jobs in our region.  We have outgrown our current space and will be moving into a facility 3 times our current size this Fall.

We are grateful for the recognition and partnerships we are getting along the way.  After having sold in over 100 countries to date, the sky is the limit,” Ms Winningham added. ALSS received the official certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) this year, the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the United States.

About Alignment Simple Solutions, LLC

Parent company Alignment Simple Solutions manufactures QuickTrick™ Products; US made portable and compact alignment measuring systems for fleet & consumer vehicles. Alignment Simple Solutions is committed to manufacturing quality products, providing jobs in the US and giving back to the community at large.  The company is a Graduate of the 2015 Class of Emerging Leaders Course (SBA), recipient of the SEMA New Products Global Media Award (2014), ATN Lead certificate graduate (2013), Alabama Launchpad Award (2014) awardee and the Governor’s Excellence Award (2012)

For more information, visit www.alignmentsimplesolutions.com and www.quicktrickalignment.com



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