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New at Summit Racing Equipment: QuickTrick’s Detroit Muscle Wheel Alignment Tool Combo

New at Summit Racing Equipment: Detroit Muscle Wheel Alignment Tool Combo

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Waaaay back in 2014, the gang at PowerNation TV’s Detroit Muscle built a big bad 1978 “Bandit” Pontiac Trans-Am. They stuffed it with a 574 cubic inch stroker 455 putting 367 horsepower and almost 416 lbs.-ft. of torque to the rear wheels. That’s a lot of grunt.

One thing the Detroit Muscle guys did was a front end alignment with the QuickTrick QuickSlide Wheel Alignment Tool before taking the Trans-Am out on the road. The easy to use tool allows you to check caster, camber, and toe-in in minutes with no lift required.

The QuickSlide tool is accurate to within 1/10 of a degree, and will help improve steering effort and handling as well as extending tire life. It’s also ideal for adjusting alignment settings at the track—and all for less than the cost of two alignments at your friendly alignment shop. The QuickSlide Tool comes with three patent pending QT Lip Pins that fit on the wheel lip, a digital gauge, instructions, and carrying case.

But we went the Detroit Muscle guys one better and created a Wheel Aligment Combo that includes a set of QuickTrick Alignment Turn Plates. The plates are just 5/16 inch thick, so you can drive or push the car onto them—no jack or lift needed. The Turn Plates have a scale that reads from +20 to -20 degrees in one degree increments. A Teflon® coating between the plates prevents binding, so turning the wheels for precise alignment is smooth and accurate. There are no pins to reset nor a pointer that can be damaged.

Using the QuickTrick Alignment Turn Plates is easy:
• Roll the front wheels onto the plates. The bottom plates do not have to be square with the wheels but the wheels should be straight
• Use a dry erase marker or scotch tape to mark the 0 degree position from the scale on the base plates
• Set the caster, camber, and toe with appropriate tools

You can see how the QuickTrick QuickSlide tool works—and get a good look at the Trans-Am too—by watching this episode of Detroit Muscle at Powernationtv.com.


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