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Portable Wheel Alignment - Made in the USA  
Fleet Maintenance

Unlock significant savings and elevate your fleet’s performance with QuickTrick Alignment’s advanced fleet maintenance tools. Our range of wheel alignment kits allow you to manage your fleet with precise caster, camber and toe adjustment to keep your fleet on the road longer, reduce tire wear, enhance the life of suspension components, and optimize alignment angles.

Just ask our satisfied clients—within one annual report, a single fleet utilizing QuickTrick saved a staggering $1.5 million in tires. This substantial saving doesn’t account for the additional benefits of preserving struts and components and minimizing downtime through routine preventative maintenance checks every 7500 miles.

Maintaining proper wheel alignment angles is crucial to manage your fleet or provide services to fleet customers. QuickTrick’s alignment kits offer an exceptional solution for preserving alignment and suspension, providing a more comfortable, safer, and smoother ride for commercial vehicles.

Properly maintained wheels contribute to increased efficiency, lower costs, and heightened driver safety. Regular fleet maintenance becomes imperative to address issues such as collision damage, potholes, steering discomfort, irregular tire wear, and excessive fuel costs. Neglecting preventative maintenance schedules can result in wheel alignment issues, leading to excessive downtime, driver fatigue, and increased fuel expenses.

QuickTrick takes pride in offering a diverse range of fleet alignment kits, catering to various vehicle types—from off-road combo kits to large buses, RVs, trucks, and alignment combo kits for commercial and consumer trucks. Customize portable alignment systems to meet your specific needs, all backed by a full warranty, money-back guarantee, and the assurance that some of the largest fleets, including the US Military, National Express, utilities and fire departments, first responders, police departments, and the largest public transportation system in the country, trust QuickTrick.

Explore our fleet maintenance toolkit, including the NEW 5th Gen QuickTrick QuickString – 4-Wheel Alignment, Powersports Service Center All In One Kit, QuickTrick Alignment 4th Gen Elite Slider System, Turnplates designed for Fleet, RV, Bus & Offroad XL Alignment, and the QuickTrick Steering Wheel Holder. Choose QuickTrick Alignment for timely maintenance that saves money and allows you to allocate resources elsewhere in your fleet budget. Hurry and make your selection to experience the QuickTrick advantage!