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When it comes to ATV and SXS wheel alignment, simply making sure your tire set up is correct will immediately improve performance at slow speeds and high speeds, on rough terrain and on smooth, hard surfaces.

Moving from a bias-style construction to a radial can make turn-in much sharper at higher speeds and help the tire grip better in low-traction situations, but only if the set up is correct.


A healthy side by side tire can grab faster and cut stopping distances. It might save your life.

Fact is, the majority of UTV tires installed by the factory on your spanking new vehicle are no-frills, basic rubber; good but not great. Some OEMs are really getting into the tire value consumers hunger for by offering upgrades and special packages that highlight better tires.

It may not be enough, though, depending on how you use your 4-wheeler. For instance, if you ride rocks and hard surfaces a lot, a mud tire, although it looks super-cool may not be the best for you.  

Likewise, if your lugs are worn off, you’re going to be wrestling in greasy mud – it’s just a no-brainer.

With 4×4 ATVs, it’s important that the tires all match in height and lug pattern, are closely inflated and have about the same wear on them. With CAN-AM Wheel Alignment and other 3 wheelers, you need to be especially diligent. These are notorious for being out of whack.

Most Powersports equipment will have toe adjustments only. We have seen more and more of the side by sides and any two seaters, getting closer to a standard vehicle chassis and they will have camber adjustments.

Keep the following in mind when considering keeping the fun in your ride:

  1. The right tire
  2. The right wheel
  3. The right suspension
  4. The right wheel alignment

Have fun and let us know if we can help with your alignment needs.