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Racing and Performance Kits

If you have modified suspension components, it’s wise to check that everything is tight. It’s not uncommon for alignment shops to leave an adjuster or bolt loose – and once the alignment goes out of whack on the track your entire day is gone. You can check this yourself with a quality portable wheel alignment kit.

Let’s look at a tool that’s important when discussing camber. Meet the QuickTrick wheel alignment kit. A QuickTrick kit is simply a means of measuring alignment angles to ensure you get accurate readings and can adjust accordingly for the track.  While we can make educated guesses as to how much negative camber a car has, the only way to really nail down the alignment is to do some quick measurements and adjust as needed. The actual process isn’t that hard, and there are plenty of videos and advice out there for the weekend racer.

QuickTrick makes it easy to answer the following questions:

  • How much negative camber do I need/have for this track?
  • How much positive caster do I have for auto-cross?
  • How can I change my daily driver for track day and then get it back in time for the work week?

QuickTrick racers show up to compete.  Make sure your suspension performs to the max by giving it the correct alignment set up with a quality and accurate wheel alignment kit.