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Portable Wheel Alignment - Made in the USA  


ATV UTV SXS Alignment Kit – Customize your size


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QuickTrick Digital Caster/Camber Gauge w/Bracket

QuickTrick Digital Caster/Camber Gauge With zero feature for uneven surfaces

QuickTrick Case

QuickTrick Carry Case

QuickSpecs Wheel Alignment Specs 1960 - 2019

QuickTrick Steering Wheel Holder

Turnplates - Made of US STEEL



  • Frame set up for your size rim and tire ( 2)
    • Can be used front and back rims
  • Attachment Pins with extensions and red tips 6
  • QuickTrick Tape Measures 2
  • QuickTrick Backup Bungees (2)
  • Instructions

*Optional case

*Optional Digital Gauge

Wheel Alignment Kit ATV UTV Side by Side   – Build Your Own

We have had 100’s of requests for this Wheel Alignment Solution and we now have the equipment set to manufacture and bring it to you as another great made in the USA QuickTrick product.

You put a lot of money in your ride and we know you ride hard, so we are putting the control in your hands with the new QuickTrick Powersports Customizable Alignment Kit

It will be easier to build your kit. With so many wheel and tire combinations and a variety of possible adjustments, we have made it as easy as we can for you to have the perfect kit to control your ride and save your wallet from expensive suspension damage and tire wear.

Shoot us an email if you have questions OR need a custom size and we are happy to help.

Every QuickTrick kit will come with the frame you choose, attachment pins w/extensions for additional wheel/tire clearance with inner bead or outer grip and a set of QuickTrick Tape Measures.  You can choose a case, gauge and any other extras you need.




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Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 42 in

15-20" WHEEL/RIMS, 20 – 26" WHEEL/RIMS, 8 – 15" WHEEL/RIMS KIT

Toe Bars

Up to 30" Tires, Up to 38" Tires

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