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Upgrade Your 4th Gen to 5th Gen QuickString



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Extra 5th Gen QuickString Complete Frame (set) for 4-Wheel Set up

If you currently own a QuickTrick system with 2 frames, and want to upgrade to all 4 tires. This will provide 2 additional frames with QuickString toe bars and attachment pins to allow for 4 wheel set up with your current QuickTrick and QuickString upgrade (Includes verticals, attachment pins and toe bars. Does not include additional gauge with bracket or case)

Add QuickTrick Turnplates

Set of roll on turnplates (2)

QuickTrick Digital Gauge w/Bracket

QuickTrick Digital Gauge w/Bracket

QuickTrick Extensions (12)

Set of 12 Extensions for additional fender clearance

QuickTrick Steering Wheel Holder

QuickTrick Steering Wheel Holder

Platinum Add on set of 4 extra verticals for varied Wheel Range

Choose additional Caster/Camber bars to cover a full range of Vehicles or to match a 13 – 22″ total package kit

QuickTrick “Performance or Project” Tshirt Black – See full design in shop

QuickTrick Tshirts – “Racing to Restoration” White – See full design in shop

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5th Gen QuickString™ Upgrade

If you have questions, email us, call us or hit the CHAT button.  CHAT is live and it is us, not a 3rd party.

The NEW 5th Gen QuickTrick® QuickString™ is the only system that allows you to check caster, camber, toe and thrust angle in one kit on any hard surface at an affordable price.  No need to spend thousands of dollars when QuickTrick has you covered with complete accuracy for less.  As always, we have made this product enhancement to be compatible with current 4th Gen kits for your convenience and savings.  All components are interchangeable.

The difference between the 4th Gen and the 5th Gen QuickString™ is the added ability to check toe at each tire instead of total toe AND check thrust angle at the same time.

The new design can be used one side at a time or with 4 frames for a 4 wheel check.  Examples of how each works are listed below so you can choose your preference and customize your upgrade.

One side?  Yes.   You still have to measure both sides, but one at a time.  This method is more time consuming, but more cost efficient for a tighter budget.

QuickTrick QuickString 5th Gen Complete  (Components listed are for full system on instructions)

Common FAQs:


  • If you have a 4th Gen 8-15″ or  13-18, select toe bars up to 30″
  • If you have a 4th Gen 15-20 or 17-23″ select toe bars up to 38″
  • If you have a 13-22″ Kit, select the 13-18″ size frame and select the Platinum Upgrade 17-22″s
  • If you want to string on both sides with 4-wheel set up, select the corresponding frame in size in the bottom selection area.



  • How is the 5th Gen QuickString different from the 4th Gen?
    • The only difference is in the toe bar.  The attachment pins are spaced further out to allow for a better grip on the rim or within the bead.  The new toe bar set up allows you to accurately and quickly measure toe at the tire, instead of total toe.  The new design also allows you to square your car and check for any thrust angle issues without having to set up a separate string system.
  • Will this work with the 4th Gen Pro and 4th Gen Elite Slider?
    • The 5th Gen QuickString kits and toe bars are compatible with any 4th Gen product (Contact us for replacements for 90073 and 90080 square systems).  All QuickString toe bars will attach to the 4th Gen systems just like the current toe bars.  All 5th Gen QuickString complete kits will be the same attachment method and set up as the 4th Gen Elite sliders and are compatible with the 4th Gen Pro.
  • Doesn’t the string need to be at the center of the wheel hub?
    • You may have seen lots of tech guys measure at the hubs, but the race car and daily driver don’t ride on the hubs. Camber adjustments can change your track width, so placing the string lower on the tire will give you a better idea of what the contact patch is doing.
  • What is the most important step to stringing the car?
    • Make sure your steering wheel is straight and lock it in place.  We cannot emphasize this enough.  If your numbers are off, check the steering wheel before making any adjustments.  This is critical to your success and to keeping your frustration at a minimum!
  • How do I know my track width?
    • Reference this article with helpful links.




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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 36 in
Toe Bars

Up to 30" Tires, Up to 38" Tires

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