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Check Out This Cool New DIY Alignment Kit From QuickTrick. We Want One!

QuickTrick Wheel Alignment Tools Review by BangShift

The beauty of the new systems from QuickTrick is the fact that they are designed to work on virtually any wheel. It doesn’t matter what style the wheel is, the type of lip it has, or the size of the wheel, they have a system that will work. And they aren’t just one set of tools for one particular wheel size or type. Each kit fits a variety of wheels thanks to a really cool new Quickslide which makes setting up the fixture on each wheel a snap. You don’t even need a third arm to do it!

Thanks to some great video’s, like the one you’ll find below, featuring Mr. QuickTrick, you can be aligning your vehicle in no time and with great success. Two or three alignments pays for this thing too. And just so you feel informed and high tech, if you go to the App Store or QuickTrickAlignment.com you can access every alignment spec for every vehicle sold in North America from 1960 to current.

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