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Twerk Racing & QuickTrick Alignment Tools – ALSS


We finally got around to messing around with the alignment tools from QuickTrick Alignment Tools – ALSS. It’s pretty easy to set up and a great tool to check out your specs after having a nice off at the track.

Now actually adjusting the alignment on our low cars is another thing entirely…

If any of my mechanic/DIY friends are interested in portable DIY alignent tool, check out QuickTrick Alignment. This tool let’s you check alignment specs right where you’re at as long as you have a flat stable ground. Garage, shop, racetrack even the side of a highway if you’re crazy enough.
I just tested it out on this race S2000 and it work really well. In a fraction of the time it takes for a shop to do an alignment , I was able to check camber, caster, and toe on the car. QuickTrick Alignment tool, it can save you time and you can make some money doing alignments for your friends and family.

Thanks Team Twerk.. Happy to help our QuickTrick family of racers!
Twerk Racing - Time Attack Winners at Gridlife 2016
s2000 Gridlife auto cross time attack
Twerk Racing – Time Attack Winners at Gridlife 2016
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