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Portable Wheel Alignment - Made in the USA  

Reviews & Testimonials

Alignment Simple Solutions, manufacturers of QuickTrick Alignment Products is an award winning manufacturer of alignment tools and accessories,  proudly manufactured in the USA.

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We take the good with the bad and there are always varied opinions.  We are happy to have a less than 1% return rate on our products and we are proud to offer a money back guarantee!

QuickTrick Alignment Products are assembled with the finest materials and backed up with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.

Current customers around the globe include DIYers, Public Transportation Departments, Custom Automotive Shop & Restorers, Body & Collision Repair shops, Professional & Amateur racers and more.  Additional clients include, all branches of  Military, The largest School Bus maintenance company in North America and a variety of award winning hotrod shops, racers & more!

1000's of people in over 100 Country's can't be wrong!