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Portable Wheel Alignment - Made in the USA  

QuickTrick® Alignment Kits

Designed for the end user

The QuickTrick® kits have evolved and improved over the last 10 years.  Improvements and upgrades have been completed based on customer input and sound strategy.  All improvements in a QuickTrick Alignment Kit have been made with you, the end user, in mind.

All metal pieces are manufactured in Alabama.  We take great pride in manufacturing these Portable Wheel Alignment kits in the USA and even more so in quality and accuracy. Purchase any Wheel Alignment Tool from QuickTrick and save your money and time.

Any QuickTrick® wheel alignment kit you choose is made from aluminum for maximum sustainability and to be lightweight for portability.  The aluminum toe bars (¾”x ¾”) and caster/camber bars (1″x1″) are CNC machined with a HAAS TM-1P.  This process ensures accuracy and consistency on every piece.

QuickTrick® attachment pins

QuickTrick® attachment pins are CNC machined of aluminum rod with a small claw designed to fit between the rim and tire.  Additional accessories are included with every pin set for ensured wheel attachment and ease for your application.  Small red caps are included for those rims without a lip.  The red caps are placed over the pin for grip on the inner bead.  The pins work with most rim designs and we include QuickTrick® back up mini bungees for those cases where you need additional stability.  The bungees are especially helpful for secureness when making a caster swing and for ATV type tires and rims.        
(Side note, always protect your high-end rims with scotch blue or masking tape.)

QuickTrick® digital gauge

The QuickTrick® digital gauge is certified for accuracy, by every global authority, to provide measurements on caster and camber to within .01 degree.  That is as good or better than any large, costly, alignment equipment on the market today.  This gauge was chosen because of its accuracy, quality and the recalculation feature that allows for you to measure from any hard surface, even a sloping garage floor or uneven asphalt track and/or pit spot. 

The gauge attaches to the frame securely for stability of readings.  Keep in mind, that with that accuracy, the gauge will fluctuate .01 degree, up and or down, if your engine is running while you are getting measurements.

The frame and hardware of every QuickTrick® is planned for correct readings and ease of use for as long as you use the tools.  The kit comes with everything you need to ensure the distance between rim and tool are equal for measurements.  Many of our tools, from 10 years ago, are still in use today.  The hardware is universal ¼ x 20 to ensure easy replacement for lost bolts and washers.

QuickTrick® Tape Measures

Even QuickTrick® Tape Measures are designed for you to obtain measurements in standard or metric readings

Bottom line, anyone can measure their alignment with the QuickTrick® DIY wheel alignment tools.  We realize that not everyone has the knowledge to make their own adjustments, but the QuickTrick Alignment Tool gives you the control to check your alignment at anytime, anyplace and by any vehicle.

If you want to learn more about how we went from garage to globe, click here.

If you have questions or suggestions about our Car Wheel alignment tools for your DIY wheel balancing and alignment, please give us a call, or shoot us an email.
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